If you are like us (and probably one of the many thousands of book lovers across the globe) and have had the misfortune of spending your hard-earned cash on an apparent "best-seller"; you will probably also have experienced the dull thud as you bang your head against the wall, thinking "Why did I listen to the reviews on the back?!" The truth is: reviews found on books are usually self-promoting, PR stunt-type hype and not necessarily a true reflection of the books' quality at all.

It is our aim to tell the truth about books, but don't for one second assume that that is synonymous with us creating a blog to 'diss' authors' work - to the contrary - our intention is to provide an honest appraisal of each and every book we read. If the book is any good - it'll get a good review. If it's awful and a tragedy to the literary world - then it won't. It's that simple.

Saturday, 27 June 2009

Douglas Jackson does Roman History

We've just finished reviewing the two-part series about Roman history written by Douglas Jackson; Caligula and Claudius. Both as not emphatically based on their namesakes, but rather focus on a single slave's importance on both Emperors. Obviously, this is pure fiction, but Jackson does manage to shock with Caligula - something that we thought was almost an impossibility with historical roman novels. After Gladiator (the film), it seemed like nothing could shock us about what the Romans got up to... anyway, check out the reviews and if Roman history is your thing, then you can always share your comments on the site.

Friday, 12 June 2009

Author Interview with Iain McDowall

We thought you'd waited long enough - so here is our recent interview with crime author, Iain McDowall.

You will have to register to to read the review (we know, pooh to beaurocracy!), but it is free and pretty painless... plus it means you get extra access to the site's features, so go on - take a look.

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

We've interviewed Iain McDowall!

Ok. So Iain McDowall is a huge name in crime fiction in the UK - and we just got an interview with him! One of the girls in the office is positively squealing with delight and sending gushing emails left right and centre! Poor thing! Still, it is a big deal for us, so I can't exactly blame her...

The interview should be loaded on the main website shortly, but in case you've been on a different planet recently, you'll know that all (well, most) hands on deck are involved in the dramatic redesign of the TTAB website. Of course, we'll let you know once it's there.

In the meantime, perhaps you might want to enjoy the interview with Sally Gardner, author of The Red Necklace and The Silver Blade (and no, she isn't a man - we're going to sort out the horrid silhouette as soon as possible!). You will have to register to view the interview, but hey - we've made that easy now and it's still free!

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Design Update

Those of you who have visited our main site recently will have already started to notice the changes we are putting in place. You can now see the ten most popular book reviews on our site; we've added more categories to make it easier for you to find books in the genre of your choice; we also have an 'About Us' section so you can find out a little bit more about us (obviously!); an updated Privacy Policy and we've added 'Summer Reads' just in time for summer! There will be loads more being adding in the coming weeks and months and we hope you find the site easier to navigate, more informative and more user-friendly.

We're keen to get some feedback on how the new design is going so far - so if you have any questions, suggestions or comments - just let us know on here!

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

PRESS RELEASE: The Truth About Books is getting a design overhaul

The Truth About Books is an independent online book review resource dedicated to providing consumers with an honest appraisal of any and all books.

Unlike many other book review websites, The Truth About Books is not a bookseller and therefore can maintain its unbiased view of the books it reviews. It also boasts quality book reviews provided by a dedicated team of experienced book critics; thereby ensuring its reviews are written to a high standard.

But did you know that The Truth About Books also provides author interviews, author biographies and regular competitions for its users? Well, after several months of design work,

The Truth About Books is pleased to announce official development work on an improved design and layout for its website is now underway. The new-look website is not due to be completed until the end of 2009, but visitors will be able to expect many new features especially tailored towards encouraging customer interaction and improved accessibility to all the sites’ features such as: quick submit book review / author interview suggestions; author snippets; book price comparison and much, much more.

For our members: please bear with us during this transitional period, we hope there will be minimal disruption or inconvenience.

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Flabby Cat & Slobby Dog by Jeanne Willis

A wonderful book illustrating the wonders of getting off that sofa!

In a climate where child obesity is such a huge social issue; it was inevitable that a children’s book would be written about it. What I wasn’t expecting was Flabby Cat and Slobby Dog. Despite the fact that book never once mentions the word “fat”, it is by no means politically correct – your child will start pointing to your belly and pronounce you a “flabby cat” or a “slobby dog” - which is all rather wonderful! We need it! Willis also takes a round-about route to educating your child about obesity; instead of simply telling your child that eating too much is not healthy – she shows them. Instead of telling your child that exercising is good for their bodies and their general health – she shows them. The story is much more than the simple words; it is in the (very amusing) illustrations and the good humour and wit. Read our online book reviews>>>

Nights of Villjamur by Mark Charan Newton

Hugely intelligent, hypnotic new fantasy...

Fantasy is like Bovril. There are those who will suffer an immediate aversion and yet others who will experience instant bliss; but unlike Marmite – it can be for everyone, in the right doses. With three main plot strands, Nights of Villjamur is a highly complex and intricate plot and hence takes it time in building up sufficient back-story and ensuring adequate depth of characterisation and geographical depiction is created before launching into the real meatiness of the story.... Read full book review>>>>

May Competition Closed & Winner Announcement

Thanks to the thousands of individuals who voted in May's competition - it has proven to be our most popular so far! It was a close call, but The Red Necklace by Sally Gardner won out! You can read our book review or register for free to read our interview with the author (coming soon).

Congratulations to Jennifer Bell - our winning entrant for May's Readers' Choice.

If you would like to win a free book - you simply must enter our monthly competition! It's free to enter, you don't even have to register and unlike some other online competitions, we don't slap you with hidden charges (such as p&p) - when we say it's free - it really is FREE!

PLEASE USE THE UPDATED LINKS ON OUR BLOG OR FROM OUR MAIN SITE'S HOMEPAGE TO ENTER THE CORRECT MONTH'S COMPETITION! We are still receiving votes for closed competitions, which must be very frustrating for you.