If you are like us (and probably one of the many thousands of book lovers across the globe) and have had the misfortune of spending your hard-earned cash on an apparent "best-seller"; you will probably also have experienced the dull thud as you bang your head against the wall, thinking "Why did I listen to the reviews on the back?!" The truth is: reviews found on books are usually self-promoting, PR stunt-type hype and not necessarily a true reflection of the books' quality at all.

It is our aim to tell the truth about books, but don't for one second assume that that is synonymous with us creating a blog to 'diss' authors' work - to the contrary - our intention is to provide an honest appraisal of each and every book we read. If the book is any good - it'll get a good review. If it's awful and a tragedy to the literary world - then it won't. It's that simple.

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Midnight by Lene Kaaberbol

The sequel to the amazing Silverhorse is finally here and we couldn't wait to get our hands on it! Here's a quick peek at the review:

Over a year has passed, and our heroine from Silverhorse, Kat, is back in the saddle as apprentice Bredinari. Owing to her notoriety after the capture and death of the ‘fake maestra’ (Ermine), Kat has been afforded some slack and is now even closer to obtaining her own coveted Hellhorse – but before she can enter the primanotte (the bonding session), she simply has to keep her nose clean – nothing to snort at and certainly not guaranteed as far as Kat is concerned... especially after she breaks one of the most fundamental rules of being a Bredinari courier: you do not, under any circumstances, read the sealed messages you carry. Under duress from the recipient on one such message (Raven), Kat agrees to bend the rules only to instantly regret it as she cannot forget its contents. A wanted list.... read more of the book review >>>

If you can't remember what happened in Silverhorse - brush up with our book review.

Little Gods by Anna Richards

Love can make us all little Gods...

Little Gods is what one would call a fictional autobiography – a synopsis of a fictional character’s lifetime – a literary depository of main events, loves and losses; the centre of which, is Jean. Jean exists despite the precautions of her mother and the dilapidation of her father. She exists despite the wanton destructiveness of the era in which she was born; and in particular and of special note – despite being seen as something grotesque and fearsome. Jean is not deformed per say, nor is she consumed by any apparent mental condition, no, she is merely large... MORE>

Revenants by Ryan Sherwood

Two brothers divided in life will lead the undead into an everlasting war...

From the dawn of time, two brothers were destined for greatness. Their triumphant unification of dissident lands heralded a time of peace and prosperity and yet, each brother yearned to see one another again in the flesh. Such a meeting had to be momentous, but neither brother could have imagined what secret treachery would make them become.... MORE>

Friday, 10 April 2009

TTAB now reviews Little Brown books

From the beginning of April 2009, The Truth About Books is pleased to announce that it will be working in collaboration with Little Brown Book Group to bring even more reviews of some great titles.

Little Brown is twice winner of KPMG publisher of the year award and with good reason - it is home to the likes of: Stephenie Meyer (Twilight series) amongst many other talented authors.

Look out for our reviews of: The Magician's Apprentice by Trudi Canavan, Hand of Isis by Jo Graham and Glasgow Kiss by Alex Gray... plus many more...

Record number of votes in our monthly competition!

We'd just like to thank everyone who voted in our World Book Day competition extraordinaire - we received thousands of votes from our members and the general public! It just goes to show that the nation's love of books is still alive and well.

Also, a general reminder for those of you who did not win last month; there is still the chance to win this and every month - through our monthly competition, you have the opportunity to vote for your favourite title from our shortlist and by doing so you are entered for free into our monthly draw. The winner is picked at random and receives a copy of the winning title.

Keep Voting and Keep Reading!