If you are like us (and probably one of the many thousands of book lovers across the globe) and have had the misfortune of spending your hard-earned cash on an apparent "best-seller"; you will probably also have experienced the dull thud as you bang your head against the wall, thinking "Why did I listen to the reviews on the back?!" The truth is: reviews found on books are usually self-promoting, PR stunt-type hype and not necessarily a true reflection of the books' quality at all.

It is our aim to tell the truth about books, but don't for one second assume that that is synonymous with us creating a blog to 'diss' authors' work - to the contrary - our intention is to provide an honest appraisal of each and every book we read. If the book is any good - it'll get a good review. If it's awful and a tragedy to the literary world - then it won't. It's that simple.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Readers' Choice Competition

Watch out for 1st October, when we launch the Readers' Choice competition once again...
We'll have THREE great titles for you to vote for and in doing so, enter our comp for your chance to win a free copy of the winning book!

Good luck!

Things That Make Writing Book Reviews Tough

  1. The author is amazing but the book isn't... it makes having an opinion hard.
  2. The book is amazing, but the author isn't... easier to manage, but incredibly difficult to prevent personal opinions from sneaking in.
  3. Writer's block (Yes, we're writers too!)
  4. You can't just write: "I thought this was rubbish/great"... there's probably dozens of reasons why you finally came to that conclusion - but pinpointing them, or being able to articulate them is a whole other matter.
  5. When you've spent hours perfecting your review only to have your Editor ask you to redo almost half of it! (I'm mentioning no names...!!)